Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The newest member!

After nine long months we finally welcomed Haylie Ann Wilson to our family! We are so excited that she is finally here. She made her debut at the early bird hour of 4:26 am on March 22nd. She weighed in at a hefty, healthy 9.47 pounds. Labor was long, 24 hours long, and hard work..I really didn't think I could do it! Thank goodness for Morphine. After 20 hours of labor I decided to accept Pitocin and figured if I was going to be getting an I.V. they might as well give me something to take the edge off! Enter Morphine, it was great, I was finally able to get a little bit of rest (I was exhausted..that's what happens when you stay up the night before watch "Flower Drum Song" thinking that you are never going to go into labor!).
When I finally pushed her out they put her on my stomach and I could feel the weight of her. I looked down and saw this huge swollen thing on me and the first thing I noticed was her "man hands" and I thought to myself "oh, no! My baby is a monster!" The second thing I noticed was that she was the spitting image of her Daddy!
She is now about four weeks old and getting cuter every day!