Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We are back! After a four day drive from AZ to the NYC metro area I have come to realize a few things.

#1 Besides TiVo, the GPS may be the best invention of the modern age.
#2 Texas and Oklahoma have the nicest rest areas in the country
#3 Missouri has one heck of alot of Adult Superstores

Let's discuss the GPS. Usually when Tom and I travel he drives and I navigat. The problem is I'm not very good at reading a map. All those squiggly lines don't make sense to me and we end up yelling at each other because we miss turn offs, or end up 40 miles down a road we weren't suppose to be on in the first place. The GPS eliminated essentially all arguments, it was by far one of the best investments we have ever made. If someone asked me which I would rather give up, my scriptures or my GPS, I may be tempted to say my scriptures. That's how much I love the GPS! Now that I am back in the city, it's just as helpful as it was on our journey. I found the Whole Foods with no problems, got to my Doctor appt in no time and am no longer afraid of ending up in another state because I take the wrong Turnpike. Besides, I can always down load the scriptures onto my computer, right?

About the rest areas. Usually rest areas are disgusting. The floors are sticky, the doors don't close, there's never any toilet paper because someone decided to put all of into the toilet and not flush it, and the local insects have made themselves at home. That was not the case in TX or OK. I urge you to drive through just to experience the rest stops. Clean bathrooms with granit counter tops that actually smell clean! The were well lit so you were pretty sure no one was going to jump you, and on top of all that they had a nice playground for the kids. I wish my bathroom in Jersey was as nice as the ones in TX. Granted mine is cleaner, but I sure liked the Granit.

Last but not least. What is up with Missouri! Never in my life have I seen so many Adult Superstores advertised on the highway. I may have dismissed the big billboards as advertising one giant superstore, but you could actually see the superstores from the highway so you knew they were for more than just one superstore. I'm sure all those late night travelers appreciated that they were open 24 hours, just in case they wanted to get a Missouri souvenir for friends and family. What also superised me was all the churches I saw in Missouri, I guess they wanted to Adult Superstores to have a little competition. The way I see it, unless those church doors are open 24/7 they probably aren't giving them much of a run for their money. Who knew there were so many perves in Missouri? I bet that state is glad they pushed out those puritan Mormons to make room for their Adult Superstores, I know I'd rather have one of those in my neighboor hood than one of those pushy Mormons! Obvisouly, I'm joking, Who wouldn't prefer a nice mormon to a sleazy Adult Superstore.

As a side note. Several people posted that they didn't know I was pregnant. I guess I never really announced it, it was more of a "by the way I'm having a baby" type of a thing but for all of those that are wondering...I am due in September and we are having a boy. We weren't going to find out the sex, but I couldn't resist, it was too much temptation. To be fair, I knew I was having a boy already, but I just wanted it confirmed so I could get my mind around it cause I kinda wanted another girl. I felt better after I went shopping for boys clothes, shopping tends to fix all of my problems. Let it be known, I am currently very excited for a boy even though it took some time.