Monday, November 10, 2008

I finally was able to get a shot of Huck smiling. Granted he isn't grinning ear or ear but still that's a smile on those little lips.

In other news, just as exciting as Huck smiling, I finally drove through the Holland Tunnel by myself! I have been putting it off for months, ever since we got a car, but last week I finally had to man up and overcome. I have this huge fear of driving through any underground tunnel but especially the Holland and Lincoln tunnels. This is probably due to watching "Daylight" with Stallone. I probably wouldn't have even thought of the possibility of a car accident resulting in mass disaster in the tunnel without it's help. But every time I go through the tunnel I'm praying to make it out alive. So far we've been okay, but I don't want to take more chances then I have to.

I have Jill to thank for giving me the opportunity to overcome my fear of the tunnel. If I hadn't told her I was going to come visit her I never would have had the courage to drive to the other side. Unfortunately once I got to Manhattan and then over to Jill's place I drove around for half an hour trying to find parking within walking distance. It never happened! I was so disappointed. Now that I know I can make it through the tunnel alive I'll be much less nervous to make the trip again, and actuall make it in to visit Jill.

Am I the only one with really crazy fears? For instance I have another fear of getting stuck in an elevator, or getting trapped on the subway...I refuse to take a cruise because I'm sure a tidal wave will overturn the ship or we might hit a glacier....the list goes on. Please don't tell me I'm the only crazy one out there!

Monday, November 3, 2008

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve sounds much creepier in my opinion.

In case it's not totally obvious, Haylie went trick or treating as a Witch and Huck went as a tiger. We had to keep him in his stroller so he wouldn't attack people...he was that invested in his costume as a Tiger.

Tom's step mom, Sujean, made a little butterfly costume for Haylie. She loved the tutu, even though it kept sliding down to her ankles. We had her dress up in both costumes. What a fun Halloween!