Monday, April 20, 2009


When Tom moved to NYC four years ago he swore he would forever love the Diamondbacks and forever hate the Yankees. Maybe he could like the Mets he said, but the Yankees, Never.

Never say never. Tom is a bonafide Yankees fan. Check out how he made them all dress up in Yankees apparel for the game! And Huck wasn't even attending the game, he was just going to watch at home while Tom took Haylie.

Haylie loved going to the baseball game and asks to go all the time now. Here first words this morning (after asking to watch Harold and the Purple Crayon) were "baseball game"? She even ran to collect her glove from the toy box. She's had the glove before she was even born because we knew she'd have baseball in her blood, like her Dad.
Here's Tom and Haylie right before they left for the game to go pick up Willis and Mike, Haylie's new friends. (Tom's friends, but Haylie likes them too)
Haylie and Huck showing the love for Derek. I remember the first time I saw Jeter in person. It was on my honeymoon at the Baseball World Classic. He looked right at me. Wow. Hands off Jeter, I'm a married gal!

P.S. Guess who started standing up on furniture and crawling? Huck that's who. He's just become more difficult to manage.