Monday, May 28, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tom planted his garden. Guess what he decided to plant? Keep in mind that our "garden" is just five smallish pots outside our door....did anyone guess Cantaloupe? that's right, in a few weeks we will have delicious Cantaloupe. I don't think the pot is big enough to hold such fruit, but Tom wanted to see what would happen. It's his garden so he can plant whatever he wants.. the funniest thing about this is (he is also planting squash, and green beans) he is planting two pots of flowers to place in front of the fruits and vegetables. Want to know why the flowers are going in front? Tom said it was so "grazers wouldn't be tempted to come eat our vegetables". Are you laughing as hard as I am? I think I'm kind of crying I'm laughing so hard, I just asked him again "Tom, why are you planting the flowers in front?" and that was his reply. He already told me at Target but I wanted to hear him say it again, and trust me, it was even funnier the second time. I don't think we have to worry about anyone being tempted by our garden. Okay, he was just telling me that I'm going to be sorry I made fun of him when he is sitting here eating his "delicious cantaloupe". Then I asked him if he was serious about planting the flowers to dissuade vagrants. "not vagrants", he said, "grazers". What do you mean by grazers, I asked..."raccoons, mice..". Should I tell him I don't think the flowers are going to throw them off?

P.S. The flowers are in the round pots, and the summer squash, green beans, and cantaloupe are in the square pots!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sour Patch Kids vs. the Rat

My sister Tammie just told me a story about her little boy Garrett. Tonight at dinner she promised him ice cream if he finished his dinner of fish and potato slices. She left the room, he came and found her telling her that he had finished. On her way into the kitchen she looked in trash and sure enough, there were the potato slices, dumbed in the trash! She told him he couldn't have ice cream because of what he had done. She left the room again, while she was out he fished out the potatoe slices and ate them! Tammie figured if he was that desprate to eat out of the trash he deserved the ice cream...Anyway, it reminded me of a Tom story..
Awhile back Tom and I decided to go to the movies, it was the one about the video game coming to life and killing people. Not as bad as it sounded. We always get treats for the movies and this particular night Tom got a bag of sour patch kids. I had a kitkat. Half way through the movie I saw movement on the floor out of the corner of my eye. I thought maybe it was a wrapper or something, upon closer inspection I realized it was a rat! It was far enough away that I wasn't really concerned. Awhile later that stupid rat came right up to my feet and started sniffing around. I was disgusted and kicked it away! During this time Tom was eating his candy, one of them feel on the floor. He left it there since he had plenty left in the bag. He finished the rest of his candy and sadly decided that he wanted the one that feel on the floor badly enough to pick it up and eat it! It's gross enough to eat something off a regular floor, but a movie theater in New York floor is even more disgusting! I had no idea he had done this, so after the movie we were walking home and I told him how I had seen the rat running around our feet. He got this horrified look on his face and then told me that he had picked up his sour patch kid off the floor (it had been there for awhile so the ten second rule doesn't even come close to applying!) and ate it! I started laughing so hard, and of course made fun of him..he just wanted to gag! I think you do need to have a certain amount of respect for a person who wants something as insignificant as a piece of candy bad enough to eat it off a rat floor!

Bedtime Haylie

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been Tagged! 8 Random facts about Me

I have finally gotten around to doing this since Tammie passed the tag onto me.

1. I am secretly obsessed with the Bravo T.V. Show "The Real Houswives of the O.C.". I can't help it, I love to watch and judge them. It makes me feel like my life isn't so bad. It's like watch a train wreck in slow motion, you know they are going to ruin their lives but they just can't stop! I love it!
2. I sucked my thumb until I was in the third grade! I'm so ashamed :)!
3. I tried out for cheer four times! I managed to talk my college roomates into trying out! It was so embarassing, but I heard you got a full ride scholarship if you were on the team, and it was worth a shot. That was embarassing, but even more embarassing was when I tried out for the J.V. team in High School. We were suppose to have a tumbling rountine, including back handsprings, flips, etc...only I didn't do any of that (I was counting on my good looks getting me through), So when it was my turn to do my tumbing routine, I ran down the 30 yards of mat doing cartwheels, and not very good ones at that! I'm humiliated all over again just writing about it...funny how that didn't stop me from trying out in college. I'm so lame!
4. I think Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship enterprise is so sexy, I always have, ever since I was young. I think it's how powerful he is, the whole universe is at his disposal!
5. I lie, when it suits my needs....not bad lies..just little white lies. Sometimes it's just easier to tell a little lie than it is to explain why I did what I did..No, I didn't eat all 12 cinnamon rolls, I took some to a friend! Really, I did eat them all, but just didn't want to look like a selfish glutton! I made the aforementioned rolls this week and ate all but two while tom was at school. I knew he would ask where they all went when he got home so I was all prepared to tell him that I wrapped up half and took them to a friend, but I knew Tom would catch me in that lie (he is really good at knowing when I'm not telling the truth) so I told him that I ate them.
6. I hate my elbows and knees. I have some sort of genetic elbow/knee fat. At family gathering my girl cousins and I greet one another and then immediatly start discussing how our elbow/knee fat is. Doesn't matter how thin I am, I still have that blasted fat.
7. I love word games, not crossword puzzles or anything (I detest puzzles), but games like Scrabblle, Boggle, Bolderdash (I like that cause you get points for good lies). My brother Tyler came to visit us in New York for Christmas. He had never played Boggle, or scrabble before,but we made him play with us (it was snowing outside), he totally sucked and I kept laughing at how slow he that mean? Tom and I are really competitive about Scrabble. The rule is that the scrabble winner has to pick up the game (usually off of the floor) because the loser is usually too upset and angry about losing and swipes all of the pieces onto the floor! What's wrong with us that we care that much about scrabble?
8. Some of my all time favorite books ever are the "BSC". Don't tell me you don't know what that stands for! You know it, "The Baby-sitters Club"! It takes on a whole new meaning now that I have a child and no one to babysit. I use to want to be a part of that club, now I would give anything to be able to call one number, three days a week at an appointed time, and reach seven responsible babysitters! That Kristy was a genius!

Now I' am suppose to tag some other are the rules. You need to list eight random facts, or habits, and then four other people, leave them a message and direct them to your blog for the rules....I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do..but Tag! You're it!

I don't know who to tag....Reilly? Do a girl a favor?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

All Smiles

Haylie was all smiles on Mothers Day

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Then and Now

I was thinking today how life changing this last year has been. Last year at this time we had just moved into our Park Ave. Manhattan apartment (doorman included). I had just started working at Yves Saint Laurent (and subsequently quit two weeks later). We were taking long walks in Central Park, and exploring the city. I was getting use to married life, and the subways, and Tom was getting use to a very homesick wife! He offered to buy me a cat (like any old cat could replace the beloved/hated "Eric the Cat") to make me feel a little less lonely.

Now we are living in "Dirty Jersey", in a basement, ant infested "Mouse House" (we've caught and killed seven mice so far, Tom cuts off their heads with scissors). Instead of two we are three. We are bumming rides off friends to Costco, and figuring out which stroller will handle Jersey city potholes the best. Tom refuses to buy me a cat, even though it might help with the mouse problem. Ah, what a difference a year makes!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

After Bath

So how cute is my baby? She loves getting a bath and will cry when I take her out, but today she was all smiles.

Monday, May 7, 2007


For all of you that wondered what her hair looks like when shaped into a mohawk, wonder no more. You can also see it in the picture with her and Tom, it's so long that it reaches his cheeks!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Did she just say "Panties?"

I wish all of you could have the chance to come visit us out East and attend our ward! It is the best, not in the "we are such a loving, welcoming ward and are so righteous" kind of way, but in a "Did I really just see that happen", kind of way..which I admit at times I prefer.

Today was my first Sunday back after having Haylie, and I was quite excited to come back for Fast and Testimony meeting because we have a few regulars who tend to say and do the most inappropriate things during there testimony time. The Bishop (bless his heart) has actually had to stand up, put his arm around a member and tell them they should probably stop talking! I just have to tell you all a few of the great things that were said today. One lady got up and started telling us about how she woke up last night at 2:34, and didn't remember that it was fast sunday and started eating bananas and then her son came out and reminded her and she felt horrible, but the best part of her testimony was when she told us about how her little granddaughter woke up and she found her leaning over her bed, and she had thrown up. So the lady told her she wasn't suprised since she had "drunk lots of juices and cakes", and then she used the word "panties", and told how she had to wash them out and hang them in the bathroom to dry! In your whole life, have you ever heard the word "panties" from the pulpit? I didnt think so! I was dying and had to keep my head down so no one could see me laughing. Another man got up and started talking about how a guy at work asked him about the church so he challenged him to follow the book of mormon for a year, and he would have a better life. Good advice, right? He went on to say that his life is better since he joined the church and even if it isn't true, it isn't hurting any to live this way "even though I've had more cups of coffee this month than before I was baptized". I don't think any of us needed to hear that, but I was secretly glad he shared!

I'm in the ward choir. I know, not my usual gig, but it's my friends calling and I go to give support, plus they always bring treats. Tom goes too, he sings with the men..and one women. The women who gave the "Panties" testimony usually stands next to him and sings...and though she sings her heart out, she is always off key (and makes Tom forget his part), and tends to sing either the wrong words (even though they are right in front of her) or pronounce them completely wrong (for instance singing the word "ask" as "axed"). This is the first time our ward has had a choir, and it is so much fun!

Dallas BBQ

Do you all like Tom's pink shirt? I made him buy it and then wear it into the city on Saturday night with some friends for dinner. We went to Dallas BBQ in Chelsea. I think people may have thought he was Gay, pushing the stroller walking with my friends husband. I should have thought a little more before making him wear that color in a part of town that is host to a 15 story high poster that reads "ARE YOU GAY?". Next time I will be a bit smarter! But don't they look cute both wearing pink?

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Haylie's First City Trip

Today we took our very first trip into Manhattan! We met up with my very prego friend Suzie and hiked up to the west side of Manhattan to go to a specialty store. We met up at the Grove St. PATH station in Jersey and took it the World Trade Center. From here I was pretty sure I knew exactly how to get there. I've been living her longer than Suzi so of course she trusted me! When we got to the subway trains we couldn't believe our luck. There was the train we needed just sitting there all ready for us, so we hopped on. This whole time Haylie was being a perfect angel in her Ergo baby carrier (so great, she can even nurse while she's in it, but it's tricky to get the hang of). People are checking out the pregnant women and the girl with the baby, and giving up seats for us left and right (okay, only twice..but we appreciated it every time). We were going to get off at the 72 station on the west side, and then walk to 70th street where the store was. It was the simplest thing on earth. Well, we got to chatting, as friends do, all the while I was keeping an eye out for our stop. We passed 5th ave, and we were right on track, just another two stops and then it was us. The next thing I knew I looked up at the next stop and the sign read "23rd St". That's when it hit me! We were headed to Queens! I figured all of this out just as the doors shut and we took off again. We had to get off in queens and loop back around to get to where we needed to be. Aren't I the savvy New Yorker! We ended up getting to our destination, it just took a little longer than I'd planned. Gotta love the subway!

Daddy Does My Hair

One of my good friends gave me this onesie and I love it. I love it even more that Tom really does do her hair. Although, they way he does it disgusts me! He spits on his fingers and then shapes her hair into a "faux-hawk"!
After I gave Haylie her bath I decided to giver her a new "Do". I slicked her hair back, as soon as it dried it stuck straight out. She's so cute