Friday, May 2, 2008

American Idol

The good thing about Tuesday's performances by the top 5 was that it actually made me feel not so bad about our Neil Diamond talent show medley. What I think the top 5 didn't understand about Neil Diamond week is that you don't just SING Neil, you PERFORM Neil Diamond. Neil himself isn't even really a singer, he's the man that write the songs. No one ever listens to Neil and thinks, "Damn, he sings like an Angel". Heck no, they think "great song. Who's the creepy voice singing it?" Anyone who has seen a Neil Diamond live sing "Desiree" or "Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon" has got to admit that his creepy voice it what holds us to his music. And he performes the heck out of his songs, that's where the magic is. I personally have not seen Neil Diamond live, but I've seen Tom impersonate him enough and I think I've got a pretty good idea. As if that wasn't enough I've also seen "Saving Silverman" a few times. How could I not, it's a wonderful tribute to a wonderful artist.

Let's do a quick run down of what I remember...

Jason sang "Forever in Blue Jeans". Did he smoke out prior to this performance? He was way to chill, don't be chill when singing Neil Diamond. Frankly, he lacked passion and he made me forget that I love this song. His second song was forgettable, however, I do remember that it made me feel like I was at an open air restraunt on Maui with a soft breeze blowing. Not exactly a song that had an WoW factor, which he needed after his first song.

Brooke sang "I'm a Believer". I love Brooke, I think her sound is so fun and cool, but it didn't work with this song. Not only do we all remember it from the Shrek soundtrack but she was way too cute and happy while singing. Neil is never too cute or happy while singing. She needed to be uglier to pull this off, or wear hot pink sequins. Her second song, I thought was amazing. She made me believe in this song. I felt she did a great job of connecting with the lyrics. Maybe it was when she changed the lyrics to "I'm Arizona born and raised" that I really started to believe that she believed in this song. Like a drifter she is caught between two shores. Arizona raised girl to girl, I know just how she feels.

David Cook sang I'm Alive. He did well. He is creepy enough to pull off any Neil Diamond song, but seemed to be afraid to really take it on. His second song was good. It didn't blow my socks off, but it was the best showing of the night. He deserves to make it to the end, even though he is smug, he did rock Billie Jean a few weeks ago.

Syesha. I can't stand Syesha. She did a great job on "Hello", but totally blackified "I Thank The Lord for the Night Time". Why must African American singers always do this? Take a wonderful song and turn it into Aretha Franklin? I had enough of that last season, I can't stand another second. She would do well on Broadway, I give her props for that.

And now let's talk about David Archuletta. Am I the only one who can't stand this kid? Yes, he can sing, but it's what he sings that I have a problem with. Give him his own Disney Channel show for crying out loud, he's just begging for it. It could come on right after Hannah Montana. I don't remember what he sang first, but he probably butchered it like he did "Remember Me Fondly" on Andrew Loyd Weber night, and made it sound like it was a "Little Mermaid" soundtrack song. His second song, Coming to America, which he obviously picked because he liked the message and because his Mom was lucky enough to score a Missionary serving in her country and brought her to America, was so boring. I'd much rather hear Tom's rendition, which was much more colorful and creepy, just the way Neil Diamond should be.

I was sad that Brooke got the boot on Tuesday, but it was a long time coming. Now if we can only band together and get ride of Syesha and then David Archuletta. The kids young, he wants to go back to Utah and attend Prom with his little girlfriend. Being the American Idol is only going to mess him up and make him into another Donny Osmond. Do we really need another Donny Osmond in the world?