Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby Stuff and a cute picture of Haylie

Getting ready to have a baby is the best! There's just so many fun things you get to buy. For instance we HAD to buy a double stroller. I love stroller shopping! There's just so many things you have to consider. For instance, do we want a side by side stroller, or tandem (like the Phil and Teds), what kind of tires do we need, and of course we have to consider the weight...the list goes on and on. I can't even tell you the hours I have spent weighing our options. We looked at the Phil and Teds E3 sport. It seemed like a good choice, at first. After seeing it and strolling it around we had to admit it wasn't going to work for us. Tom is just too tall. He kept kicking the infant seat in the head as he walked. Lame. My heart was set on the Duo Skywalker, it's a stroller company out of New Zealand, and it looked amazing on the internet. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any stores in the metro area that had it on display. I refuse to buy something as costly as a stroller without seeing it in person. Because I know you are dying to know which stroller we did decide upon, I won't keep you in suspense any longer....The Bumbleride Indie Twin is our choice of stroller. Side by side, it fits through standard doors, pushes like a dream (one handed even), folds up compactly enough to fit in our limited storage space, and looks ever so stylish (totally important).

I do admit that I let Tom be the deciding vote on the stroller situation because I had my heart set on a Natural Mat crib mattress. I'll be the first to say this mattress brand is a bit "steep", but in my heart I couldn't bring myself to buy anything else. You see, I'm really into organic, enviromentally friendly things these days (ever since Haylie's horrible experience with mold). I don't even vaccinate! Natural Matt mattresses are 100 percent organic, totally breathable, dust mite resistant, and naturally anti flammable( thank you organic wool ticking) . You may think I'm crazy, I don't really care, but all that off gasing from the chemicals they put in crib mattresses makes me nervous. Do I really want my infant to inhale all of those fumes? I don't think so...enter Natural Mat. I am SO excited to have it delivered! It could be here any moment.

After purchasing the crib mattress of my dreams we had to invest in quality baby bedding. So we bought the cutest Tahti blue bamboo sheets (bamboo is the best, anti-microbial, eco friendly, and oh so soft!). To make sure the air stays clean I made Tom, literally forced him, buy an air fliter. Not just any air fliter, but one that gets rid of dust, pollen, viruses and any VOCs or other chemicals in the air. The air filter is mainly for Haylie's room/hallway. I didn't know what I know now when we purchased her baby items, so I'm positive her room is filled with off gases and chemicals that will surley bring down her IQ and immune system.

By the end of this week we will have all that we need for baby boy Wilson. On a side note, the middle name is totally up to me! Exciting, I know. Tom and I had to make a deal, we make lots of deals, we are VERY good at comprimising, probably because we have the pefect marriage (maybe later this week I will do an "Ode to My Husband" blog). Anyhow, the deal was brought about because, suprise, I was anti circumsicion (still am). Since there was a good chance I was going to lose the battle against circumsizing our precious little boy, I jumped at Tom's offer to let me have full reign of the babies middle name in exchange for circumsizing. I haven't totally decided what I'M going to name him...it could be Tikkeanine (Grandmas maiden name) just to make Tom sorry for what he's doing to our child. Sounds harsh, not really, I'm not going to do that to my child, sorry Grandma. But the middle name will be one of these three: Victor, Charles, or George (after Georges St. Pierre UFC fighter, oh, and my Grandfather). Before any of you scoff at my middle name choices know that they are all family names and that's super important to me. For my child to have a link to his ancestors. I'm all about turning the hearts of the children to their fathers. If you are wondering about the first name, don't. We have no idea what it will be. Wierdly all of the names we like begin with the letter H, and we are concerned about labeling our family as the family that names all their kids H names. We don't want to be THAT family, if you know what I mean (unless that IS your family, please don't take offense).

Seriously, babies are the best! It gives one the ultimate excuse for shopping. And since I am currently banned from making any purchases for myself (I had to sign a contract with Tom, which is legally binding as we that watch Judge Judy know) shopping for the baby is just as good! Thank you baby!

If you all are super lucky I may get super motivated and post something else before the baby comes (around the 24th of September). After all, now that my baby shopping is done (tears) and the Olympics are officially over (If I hear anything about lame-o Micheal Phelps I might throw up), what else is there to do?