Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Balding Baby!

I just ordered and received the cutest little bows for Haylie's hair. I bought the "alligator" clips because she had plenty of hair to hold them in place. What do you know, just days before I actually get the bows her hairs starts falling out! I know I shouldn't be so upset about this, but sadly I was really proud of her hair. True, it was vanity, but I did just read an article in "Mens Health" stating that vanity can be a good thing! You can see the bald spot in the picture! So sad!

Here is my question...does anyone have any experience with their babies hair falling out (none of my nieces or nephews had this problem, they were bald to begin with)? When does it grow back?

I put one cute picture of her to remind people that she is adorable despite the recent hair loss events! I don't think she knows her hair is such a wreck, and I'm not going to tell her. I don't need two upset people in the family!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Shenanigans! I call Shenanigans!"

Yesterday, before Tom left for class, I asked him if he would be able leave a little early to go by the post office. He said there was "no way I can miss Pharmacology". I understood that it was an important class so decided I would just go to the post office myself.

A little bit later that morning, while I was getting ready I got a phone call from Tom asking if I wanted to go to Six Flags-Great Adventure that very afternoon. "What about Pharmacology?" I asked. "It's just a lecture, I can miss it" he said. Interesting how just hours before he claimed he couldn't miss it, and now just two hours later he was singing a different tune!

A couple of hours later we were at Six Flags. We had so much fun! Tom and I were both able to go on several rides, not together of course, but with the other couple we went with. Naomi and I started out with a tame ride, Skull Mountain, and then went on to the scarier ones, like "Nitro". I thought I was going to die on that ride because I was positive my lap harness wasn't clicked in place right. Luckily it was secure enough to keep me in, but not tight enough to keep me from floating up out of my seat every time we went in a loop. I'm paranoid about roller coasters, I always think I'm not harnessed in correctly. I shake my harness, it's loose, so I always turn to the person next to me, and ask if theirs is loose too. Theirs never is, and I'm left to wonder if I'm going to make it to the end of the Batman ride! It makes the ride even more thrilling!

Haylie had a good time too! She was so well behaved the whole time. She loved looking around and seeing all the people and the scenery. She didn't cry at all until we were back in the car on the way home.

Tom is addicted to the arcade games at amusement parks and always ends up spending more than he should in an effort to win some lame prize. One year he spend 15 dollars trying to win a stuffed animal for me, that I didn't want, and had to end up carrying all over the park! This time he was convinced he could win an X box 360. When he didn't win after several tries and several bucks, he decided it couldn't be done and called "shenanigans". He didn't just say "shenanigans", he yelled it at the guy running the both! After that disappointing loss he decided to try his luck at winning a guitar. All he had to do was knock three blocks off of a table. He threw the ball so hard that it missed the table completely and bounced back over the counter and hit some other game player. The other gamer didn't look too pleased. Tom told the booth runner that since it bounced back he got another try, the booth runner didn't go for that and asked for the ball back anyway. He pretty much destroyed Tom's dreams of winning anything that night. I had to get him away from the arcade area pretty quick after that, or I knew he would try another game, and either loose or spend a lot of cash to win.

At the end of the day we both decided that six flags "Great Adventure" was just as good as "Magic Mountain" and maybe even a little less trashy! Way to go New Jersey!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Book Club

Last night Haylie and I took a trip into the city to attend my Book Club meeting. I strapped her into her little carrier and away we went. It was so hot and humid outside, especially with our bodies so close together, but she was a trooper and didn't cry much as long as she was able to look around and see the sites.
We were reading the book 'Professor and the Madman'. The book is about the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary. What little (87 pages) I did read, I enjoyed. The great thing about book club isn't the books that we read, though I do love the reading part too, it's the wonderful friends I have there. I honestly love my book club friends. They are the greatest group of girls ever! I learn so much from them. When I had Haylie they all came out to Jersey. When they showed up they had not only dinner for that night, but for several nights afterwards. I don't know what other people on the subway thought seeing a group of girls carrying an entire crock pot and other dishes, but I was so grateful for their thoughtfulness! It's always nice to have meals brought in, but I felt like what they did was going the extra mile. Who wants to walk a mile carrying a crock pot?
Last night we had to leave the meeting a little earlier than I would have liked, but Haylie decided she wasn't going to calm down and go to sleep until I got her back to her own place. Even though I was only their for a little while (with Haylie crying no less) it was so much fun to see everyone and catch up a little. Can't wait for the next meeting!

P.S. Obviously these pictures are outdated, as I am not longer pregnant and neither are Dawnell and Alicia (they both have cute little boys!).

Monday, June 18, 2007

Designer Jeans or Designer Formula?

I love this picture! If you look closely you can see that her hair is plastered to her head with sweat! We had just walked home from the Pharmacy. We have the pleasure of purchasing designer baby formula. At least that's what I'm going to call it because it is so expensive. When I say expensive I mean like 50 bucks a can (that last about two days). Yes indeed feeding Haylie costs more than my designer jeans!
You know it serves me right that I have to feed my baby formula! I remember at a fireside when I was in YW. A story was told (about the importance of tithing) about a young married couple at BYU. As many young marrieds are they were quite poor. They had just had their first baby. So the story the end of the month the couple had no money...they could either pay their tithing or they could buy formula for their baby. Being the self righteous 15 year old I was, I turned to my friend and cynically said "haven't they ever heard of breastmilk?". I didn't feel any sympathy for this young couple at all! Because they paid their tithing everything worked out...which is great for them..however I am now forced to be a bit more humble and recognize that things don't always work out as planned and sometimes you HAVE to buy that formula! I was pretty sure I was going to have an ugly baby as well, because I've made fun of so many other babies that I thought were homely. Luckily God didn't stick it to me with that far Haylie is cute (at least I think so, who knows what people say behind my back)!
Moral of this story is don't judge or maybe don't be such a know-it-all 15 year old.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy First Father's Day!

At three months old Haylie adores Tom! Tonight when I was trying to get her to bed Tom came in to get her into her pjs. He does this every night that he can. He has an entire ritual that he does, he sings her the "Pajama Time" song, and plays with her for a few minutes. She is always so excited when he does this. It doesn't matter if she was screaming her head off, as soon as Tom says "what time is it Haylie? Is it..pajama time?" she instantly stops crying and starts to wiggle around smiling. It is the cutest thing! Anyway tonight when I was putting her down he came into get her ready and then gave her to me to feed her, but as soon as Tom said good night and walked out of her line of vision she started to bawl! I couldn't calm her down! Finally Tom had to go in and finish feeding her. That makes me so happy, because even though Tom can't be home at night very often he still spends all the time he can with her! He is a great Dad/Husband. For my birthday tomorrow he told me he would babysit Haylie and I could go out on a small shopping spree. He gave me a budget, and of course I went over but he didn't even get mad. In reality how could he, he knew Haylie and I had bought him so great Father's Day gifts, like the Randolf Concord Aviator sunglasses, the same ones worn by Jack Bauer in 24!
I'd also want to give a shout out to My Dad for being such a great guy. You know he use to drive three hours up to girls camp every year when I was in young womens to bring me home early because I would get homesick! He did things like that all the time without complaining. And even though I write this blog I know Tom would like me to mention his Dad. Tom tells me all the time how much he admires his Dad, and how he hopes to be the kind of man he is.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blessing Day and Fast Sunday

I wanted to bless Haylie back home in Arizona. Tom said no. I did my best to convince him that it would be best because all of our family (at least those that aren't in the war or on missions) could be there. Still Tom said no. He said we needed to do it here so it would "bond" us to the ward. I said that was crap, but gave in anyway.
It ended up being really nice. All of our friends from Dental school stood in the circle, along with a few other friends we have made along the way. Tom did a great job, and oddly enough I do feel a little bit more of a bond with the ward! Don't tell Tom!
Since we blessed Haylie today that must mean it was fast Sunday. These are the best Sundays in Jersey City 2nd Ward ever! I've told you stories before, and I have one more today. I didn't actually get to hear this testimony, but my friend filled me in afterward. One of the members got up, he is a very old man, his accent is so incredibly thick that I can rarely understand anything he says. Luckily someone did and reported...He said he prayed to know if Hurricane Katrina was a result of the wickedness of New Orleans. He received the answer that it was not because of their wickedness but because of Global Warming and Gas Emissions! Now, maybe that is true, and I'm not saying he couldn't have received that answer, all I'm saying is that I don't know if it should have been included in his testimony. Once again, glad that he did include it, and hope we get alot more of where that came from next meeting!

P.S. Toms garden is growing. We have little green sprouts coming up all over the place. Tom told me today that we should have a "Wilson Harvest". I said I thought that was a great idea, and just like the Pilgrams we should invite our friends to join in the bounteous harvest with a dinner.
So if you live in the New Jersey/NYC area and are a friend, look forward to one heck of a party come harvest season!