Thursday, December 27, 2007

Poopcon 4 and an Elevator full of Angry People

Tom I decided it would be a good day to go visit the Museum of Natural History. I knew we would be taking pictures so I decided to dress Haylie in a cute new outfit we just bought her. It's the cutest little outfit. Sweet pink camo cargo's and a pink sweater. I decided to start dressing in her in lots of pink because people on the subway keep mistaking her for a boy! That has nothing to do with the story, just know she was looking cute as a button and I was excited to get some photo's outside of our apartment.

Once we arrived at the museum (after carrying Haylie's large stroller up several flights of stairs) we got out a map and decided to devise a strategy. We headed over to the elevators to start on the 4th floor where the dinosaurs exhibit is located. As we were waiting for the elevators we took Haylie out of her stroller so she could see everything around us. A few seconds later Tom looked at me and asked if there was a changing table in the womens room. He then showed me the arm of his sweater, which was soaked through with poo. Yes, folks she had managed to produce a "Poopcon 4" (Think Defcon 4=massive, out of this world diaper emergency) that was all over her pants, her shirt, and Tom! I took her into the ladies room where I immediately set to work changing Haylie's diaper. The buckle on the changing table was broken so with one hand I hold Haylie down on the table and with the other hand search franticly in the diaper bag for the diaper and wipes. I find them just in time for Haylie to start screaming at the top of her lungs and begin thrashing about trying to get off the table. I manage to get her pants off and wipe her down, it's all over her, and it takes a whole package of the travel size wipes to get her kind of clean. I had the other diaper right under her, ready to put it on, I roll up her dirty diaper and I glance down at Haylie just in time to see a waterfall of urine pouring out of her. For some reason a little bit even sprayed up onto my clothes, and of course not a bit of the pee gets on the diaper all laid out ready to be put on. It all flows down her legs and onto the changing table where it turns into a yellow lake, probably half an inch deep! Keep in mind her diaper reeks, and she is still screaming and people are walking past me into the stalls wondering why my baby is screaming. I was slightly embarrassed, hoping it would be over soon, and secretly thinking it was all kind of funny! Like I said earlier, I had used up ALL of the baby wipes with the POOPCON 4 so I didn't have any left so I had to use the paper towels in the dispenser to wipe her down. In case you didn't know they aren't at all absorbent so it just stuck to her bum in patches. I was able to pull out a new diaper (the other one sustained urine damage from the newly formed Lake Haylie) and get it on her. It's at this moment when I remember ever so clearly a firm prompting I had just a few minutes before we left the apartment. The prompting came several times in fact, "take a change of clothes". Did I heed this prompting? No, I did not. Since she had poo all over her shirt, and pants (only her socks and sweater managed to survive), and I had failed to bring an extra change of clothing she had to be white trash and wear just her diaper and her pink sweater the rest of the day. We wrapped her blanket around her to try and cover her up (as you can see in the pictures). I think I was more disappointed than she was, I was really hoping to get some cute pictures of her all dressed up. Instead I have a whole bunch of pictures where it looks like my baby is naked, in the winter, at the museum. When I left the bathroom to find Tom he managed to break into a utility closet and found a plastic bag to store the wreckage. Tom had also cleaned his sweater up so he didn't smell, in case you were wondering. Tom and I had a pretty good laugh about everything once we had stored all the clothes away in newly acquired garbage bag.

In case you think the adventure was over there, think again. Our second adventure begins at the elevators. For some reason massive amounts of able bodied people decided that they should take up the limited space in the elevator. After waiting for close to 15 minuets we finally found room in one of the elevators. We hopped on grateful for a spot. Once we arrived at the next level tons of people started pouring into the elevator. There wasn't nearly enough room for everyone, with all the little kids inside, but those damn foreigners just kept pushing (maybe where they come from it's okay to smash children and pregnant women so they can't breath) in until I yelled at everyone that no one else was allowed in. Everyone in the elevator was grateful except those that had pushed there way on. As the doors were closing another man, who I will call Midwest Man was really angry about all the people and began yelling at some man who was standing in front of him saying "there are kids in here, and you're smashing into them". The other man who I will call Yellow Jacket, yelled back that he didn't feel like he was pushing into anyone. This is where it gets exciting, Midwest Man says "Oh yeah? Can you feel this?!" and goes ahead and shoves Yellow Jacket! I was surprised but I was ready to jump in and defend Midwest Mans actions, that's what you get for pushing into little kids moron! Yellow Jacket who had just been shoved exited eagerly at the next level. Once he was gone Midwest Man apologized to the rest of us for being so rude. Hey, I don't blame you man.

I'm not going to go into the details of Tom yelling at the entire elevator of people. The same elevator full of people that had just witnessed the shoving match. Needless to say if you are on an elevator, or train with Tom and you don't get off to let those at the back of the train/elevator off, you will wish you had!

After all the Poopcon 4 and elevator excitement the rest of the Museum didn't seem nearly as exciting...except for the part when we tried to find the exit, but that's a story for another day!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Who's in your House?

Tom is on Holiday for the next two weeks. Ask me how we've spent the first few days of his vacation. Well, besides a fair amount of shopping we've spent the remaining time watching Harry Potter DVD's and trying to figure out which "House" we would be in. I know everyone thinks they're a Gryffindor because their brave and they always win the "House Cup", yadda, yadda, yadda. I've always considered myself either a Ravenclaw or a Gryffi, but this week Tom and I set out to prove where we really belong. We have taken no less than 10 tests promising to tell us which house we fit into. One test even claims it was written by Psychologists
and was a whopping 122 questions! That said let me preface by saying that I think the worst house to be in is Huffelpuff. All of the other houses boast specific qualities...except Huffelpuff. They'll take anybody, which doesn't ever make a person feel really special.

After the aforementioned tests it turns out I'm Slytherin. I would try and say this may be a mistake, but deep in my heart I know it's true. After coming to grips with who I really am I'm proud to be a Slytherin. They aren't all evil you know! Snape, my favorite Harry Potter character was Slytherin, along with many other talent wizards. Slytherins are so misunderstood, it's a shame! We get a bad rap for our ambition but are we really so different than the always popular Gryffindors?

Now as upset as I was at being in Slytherin, Tom was even more disappointed because it turns out he's totally a Huffelpuff! I didn't think anyone I knew really belonged in Huffelpuff, except for my little sister Kenzie, but lo and behold I freaking married one. If I had known he was Huffelpuff I might have thought differently about him. Which kind of just proves that I really do belong in Slytherin.

Tom didn't want to accept who he really was so he took test after test. Where as my test results showed Slytherin time and again, Tom's results were varied. He ended up being in Ravenclaw. He wasn't disappointed with that since that means he can share a common room with Cho Chang...didn't you know he's always had a thing for Asian girls? Why he married a blond, green eyed girl I'll never know...except maybe I do. Total Slytherin, I manipulated him into marrying me like only a true Slytherin could do. Kudos to me for landing a smart and witty Ravenclaw!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Into the City

Haylie and I are extremely cultured. Since she is a city babe she gets to do things that other eight month olds only dream about. For instance this last week she attended her first ballet performance. The NYC Theater Ballet did a special showing of The Nutcracker at the World Financial Center in Manhattan. Haylie and I attended along with Beckett and Dawnell and a host of other Manhattan babies and Nannies! It was so much fun to see the costumes and the dancing. Haylie enjoyed it too. We had prime seats on the steps of hall so she was able to watch the ballet and crawl on Beckett during the boring parts!

Later that same week Haylie accompanied me to midtown to meet up with Jill Anderson Lloyd. This was very exciting since it's been months since I've seen any AZ friends. Jill was a breath of fresh AZ/Utah air. She brought some much needed news a.k.a gossip. Jill is so fun to hang out with, she is hilarious. Haylie also enjoyed the day out while munching on Cheerios. The guy at the restaurant had to come by our table no less than three times to sweep up her Cheerio droppings! I tried to tell her it was bad manners to drop her food on the floor, but she wouldn't listen!

As if two trips into the city wasn't enough, I packed up Haylie again on Saturday morning to go meet 14 of my book club friends at Sarabeth's (a restaurant) for Brunch. Yes, I am and my Manhattan girlfriends have brunch, are you all a little bit envious right now? I ordered the Lemon Ricotta pancakes, delicious! After Brunch we headed over to Jill's apartment to where we reveled our secret Santa gifts! We also did a children's Christmas book exchange. I love childrens Christmas books. I highly recommend the book "Osbert". It's about a little boy who asks for and gets a real penguin for Christmas and then ends up regretting it. It's so funny! Go buy it now! You won't be sorry! The Christmas party was great, Jill did a wonderful job with the decorations. Haylie loved chilling with Jill's pet rabbit, I think she might want one of her own for Christmas!

I think next week I will take her to the Natural History Museum and Rockefeller Center, and maybe the Met.. look forward to more Haylie in the City!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Lists

We have lots of kids in our family. As a result every year we pick names out of a hat (literally, someone tosses names into a hat, and someone picks them out, it is awesome). This year I got my 14 year old sister Mackenzie.

I probably haven't told nearly enough Kenzie stories for anyone to truly appreciate her Christmas list, but I will tell this any way because it is just that good!

This last week I called home to AZ to talked to Kenzie about what she wanted for Christmas. The converstation went like this..

Me: Kenz, I have your name this year. What do you want for Christmas?"
Kenz: I like makeup. Latley I've been wearing green eye shadow, so maybe more of that. Or there is a Medieval sword that I want...but it's too expensive.
Me: Really, a Medieval sword, huh? That's too bad it's too expensive.
Kenz: Yeah, (with a wistful sound in her voice).... but there is a Dagger I found on ebay. It's only 12 dollars!

In case you are curious, I did not buy her a Dagger. She is getting something girlie and age appropriate. The great thing about this story is that she took the time to search out a sword that she wanted, and then went to ebay and entered a search for "Daggers". Yes, that's my sister and she is awesome!

I hope you enjoyed the random picture of Haylie. I haven't posted any of her for awhile and I realize that some people rely on this blog for Haylie updates. In this picture she is acting all sweet, what you don't see is that moments before I was dragging her out of the bathroom where she likes to suck on the toilet fixtures. She is that worse than Kenz eating a cockroach when she was the same age as Haylie is now? You be the judge!

Our Apartment

I know, I know. I promised pictures weeks ago and never put any up. Didn't you all know that I am totally disorganized? Well, here they are faithful readers. I can honestly say, no matter how lavish and big our future homes will be I will never love them as much as I do this place. It's probably because of the squalor we lived in previously, but I honestly wake up everyday grateful to be in a place as nice as this one..funny what you come to appreciate, isn't it?

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I've been tagged! This means that you all get to read a few juicy tidbits about my life that most people don't we go!

#1. My comp and I took covert Funk dance class on our mission. This is true, and I'm not at ashamed. In my mission in the south of France the sisters couldn't proselyte after dark. My comp and I didn't want to waste all of those night hours during the winter (it got dark at 4:00) sitting at home eating. We came up with a plan and looked all over the city for an affordable gym. In the end we settled on signing up for a "Funk" dance class. The first dance we learned was to the song "Voulez-vous chouchez avec moi", preformed by the Pussy Cat Dolls. You can imagine what it translated into.

#2. I have strong opinions about EVERYTHING! I don't share even a fraction of my opinions with others because chances are that if I did you probably wouldn't be my friend. Not that they are bad opinions I just think there is a right way and a wrong way. Most of these strong opinions are about the gospel. Once Tom and I got in an argument about what "Intelligences" really are as referred to in the Book of Abraham. We almost broke up because we were not able to come to an agreement.

#3. I kind of wish I was Japanese. They are such beautiful people with their dark hair, exotic looks. Not like my "Finnish" blond hair which is neither a beautiful blond or an elegant brown. I guess the grass is always greener though, right?

#4. I love to dress other people as much as I love to dress myself. A person walks by and I immediately put together a new, more flattering look for them. If I could be Stacey London, I would be in Heaven. I think the world needs a few more people with the right to say "you shouldn't be wearing that".

#5. I don't buy cheap imitation anything. This may sound like I am a snob, I'm not, I just don't see the point in pretending that I own something high end that isn't authentic. I would never purchase a fake Gucci or anything else. If I can't afford the real thing I won't get anything at all. That said I do not have a problem forking out over a thousand dollars for a purse that I really want....when we are not longer students that is! There is a great Chloe bag I've had my eye on for years!

#6. I once had a friend tell me that they liked being my friend because they never had to wonder where they stood with me. If I like a person, I am 100% loyal, their biggest fan, and will talk them up to everyone even to the person themselves. It's my philosophy that a person can never hear too many good things about themselves. Who doesn't like their own fan club? On the other hand I don't feel the need to be everyones friend. I just like some people better than others and I think everyone is like that, but few people actually admit it. Tom says I'm just mean, but I think I'm just honest!

I hope I didn't offend anyone by saying that, but if I check your blog or you have my blog address chances are that I like you and do consider you my friend, which means you have a loyal friend for life!

I tag...Tammie, Rhiannon, Sheena, and Addy!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Arizona Softball Players Needed!!!

All my AZ friends this is for you! My sister is starting a Co-Ed Softball team in Queen Creek, AZ. She needs some couples who are willing to commit to playing with her team. As long as you've played a bit before and are going to show up all the time you are in! They will be playing either Wednesday or Fridays starting January 9.

If you or any of your friends are interested email her at and put Softball in the subject line!

Pass it on ballers!

Pure Revelation-A True Story

Two things have inspired this post. #1 Last Sunday I taught the R.S. lesson on Revelation and #2 Last night we attended a Nintendo party at our friends home.

When I told this story to a girl at the party, she gave me a look of disbelief, as though God doesn't care about all the hopes and dreams of his children. This is a true story, and it is told exactly as it occurred nearly two decades ago....

When I was in the fifth grade my parents finally relented and bought us a Nintendo game system. It was purchased on the condition that we would play educational games on it as well as "fun" ones. Hence the reason I can wipe the floor with Tom going head to head on Donkey Kong Jr. Math! But, that's a story for another day...I loved Super Mario Brothers. I played it as much as I possibly could. I thought about how to beat it constantly. I have to say I was pretty good at it, the best in my family at least. Although that may not be saying much, Kori has never been good at video games, Tammies' hands were always sweaty and too slippery and therefore she lacked control on the plastic controller, Tyler and Bucky were too little and were no match for an older, more coordinated sister, and Dallin, Emily, and Kenzie weren't even around to contend with! That said, the responsibility feel upon me as the best Nintendo player in the family to beat the game. It was all new territory for me, I hadn't seen King Koopa beat yet, and by the time I got to the end of level nine I was all out of ideas. Time and again I tried, nothing worked, I couldn't run under him, and his stupid little hammers hit me every time. Frustrated I went to bed. That night I had a dream, a revelation if you will. I was playing Nintendo, I was at the boss King Koopa at the end of Level 9. Princess Toadstool was right there, I could feel it...K.K. stood there, throwing his hammers, jumping up and down on his bridge. Behind him was the lever I had to hit to cause the bridge to crumble beneath K.K. and lead my to P. Toadstool. That's when I saw it all happen, Mario calmly waited until the hammers had been thrown and K.K. was on solid ground, Mario ran at top Mario speed and jumped right between the hammers and the top of K.K.'s head to land directly on the lever bringing K.K. to his death, and Mario to his Princess. I saw all of this so clearly in my dream that when I woke up I could picture everything that had happened. All day at school I went over the events in my mind, determined to try it as soon as I got home from school.

After school I gathered my brothers and sisters around me and told them that I knew exactly how to beat the game once and for all. Then, just as in my dream, I proceeded to do exactly what had been shown to me in my "revelation". And just like in my dream I sailed over and between King Koopa and his hammers unscathed! My brothers and sisters cheered and I was the hero.

To this day I can still see the dream vividly in my mind like it was yesterday. Maybe it was stupid, but it was important to me. And thus we see that God Answers all of our prayers, even that of a ten year old girl intent on beating her first video game.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tom's Baby's Momma!!

Turns out I didn't have to call the Mental Hospital after all! "Crazy Mail" lady called us instead! I was kind of expecting this since we have been getting collect calls at four in the morning! Of course we haven't actually accepted the calls but I had a feeling it was our mental friend.

This evening as I am getting Haylie ready for bed the phones rings. The caller ID says it's from a pay phone and I know without even picking it up that it's her! When I say "hello" the caller goes ahead and introduces herself, and what do you know, it's her. "It 'Rowna', 'My Love's' Mother. I need her new phone number!" I'm surprised to hear that she sounds totally sane, and I ask her who "My Love" is. "It's Tom's ex-girlfriend and his baby's mother"! I start to smile, and then explain to her that Tom doesn't have an ex-girlfriend named "My Love" and that he is actually married, and we have no idea who she is talking about. At this point I think I've convinced her and she says that she must have been mistaken. "Yea, you were" I say as I hang up!

I am just hoping that Tom isn't keeping this "My Love" girl a secret from me and that Haylie doesn't have some "half sister" running around out there! I'm only joking, I know he isn't someones "Baby Daddy".

Thus ends the saga of our Mental friend....I hope!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crazy Mail

Quick update...we moved into our new apartment. It is the greatest apartment EVER! At least that's what if feels like to us, after living in the Cave for so long. I would have posted pictures, but I haven't figured out some of the tech things on our new computer monitor so those will come later.

In the meantime...Tom showed me a letter we received at our old place the other day. He says he just forgot to show me, but I don't know how he could have. The envelope was addressed to Mr. Thomas Wilson, and there was a small note in the corner that said "Please Rush". The handwriting was weird, kind of more like a scrawl, very creepy. Neither Tom or I recognize the return address or the name, which is also weird when you get a handwritten letter. I open up the letter and I read the most bizarre letter ever. It's some women who says she needs "My Loves" new cell phone number, and how it's very important that she get the new number etc.. the woman just keeps going on about "My Love", which is a creepy, psycho thing to call a person anyway. The letter really creeps me out. My first thought upon seeing the hand writing was to asume it cam from a Prison or something. I asked Tom, who was at the computer to Google the return address, which he does. Not one minute later it pulls up the exact address, in big, bold letters it announces that it has come from a Psychiatric Residential Hospital! That's right, a Mental Institution..someone at a mental institution has our name and our previous address, someone we don't know, who uses creepy language like "my Love".

I think I will call the hospital and see what I can find out about our Mental friend!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jump Start Halloween

This year for Halloween we decided to go as Kelly Kapoor and Ryan "The Temp" from the hit T.V. show "The Office".

This seemed like a good idea when Dawnell and I were deciding what we were going to be for the upcoming Book Club Halloween Party. I don't think I really thought it through like I should have. I didn't realize that I was going to have to walk close to a mile dressed in a racially politically incorrect costume. The whole subway ride people stared. I don't know if they were looking at me and noticing the stark difference between the color of my face and the whiteness of my arms or looking at Haylie. Either way, when half the population of NYU is Indian, it's probably best not to offend them in anyway.

On the way to the party we were the only ones dressed up. On the way home it was a different story altogether! We saw "Dr. House" and "Laura Croft-Tomb Raider", we saw the Sheriff from Reno 911, there was a guy dressed as Thor walking down the middle of the road. His companions were the two sluttiest witch and referee I've ever seen!

On the way out of the Subway we ran into a friend of Toms from school. They are in the same Dental Practice at school and this was the first time I had met anyone from school. He had to ask if I really was as tan as my faced appeared to be. I asked Tom as we walked away if he was embarrassed that his friend had met me looking like I did, and Tom actaully said yes! I don't know if he really meant it, he may have just really been into his Ryan "The Temp" character, and we all know how lame he can be!

The party was great. The whole "Office" gang was there. In the picture above you will see Angela (Dawnell) and Pam (Jill). In the picture below you will see the whole cast since Dawnells' husband was Dwight and her baby, Beckett was a Beet from the farm. Tom is doing his best "Temp" face, and Jills husband was M.I.A but he was Jim, "3 hole punch Jim" to be correct!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Slum Lord Update!

I just got off the phone with our Landlady. She told me that she feels we are "playing dirty" and that she doesn't have time to "fight" with us. She even claimed that we asked to be let out of our lease because we were not comfortable with the mold. I told her that it wasn't that we were "uncomfortable" but that it was a health hazard and was unlivable. She seemed to disagree. I told her that because she terminated the lease despite what she thinks that we won't pay another months rent or give her two weeks notice.

That said....great news! The place that we really like is ours! I am thrilled to be moving and can hardly wait until next week when I can shake this disgusting hole that I've called home!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slum Lord

When we moved into our apartment over a year ago I noticed that it had a funky smell, "moldy" if you will. I have always been a little bit worried about this smell, but chose to ignore it because so many other things were going on with the place that were more obvious, like a gas leak or mice (we have killed seven so far, and one ran across the floor two days ago while I was changing Haylie). After the "Flood" in August we decided that we really needed to get the smell checked out. We called a Mold Testing place. The came out and for a mere $375.00 checked the air in our place.

Last Thursday we received the test results. I wasn't totally surprised to find that we did have high levels of toxic mold in the place. The results claim 87% Aspergillius in our place. We gave a copy of the report to our Landlords who live upstairs. On Friday I was checking the mail and who should I see but our Landlady. She then proceeded to inform me that we have to move out. She said that they were going to have to tear out walls etc. It's my opinion that they just want us out. When we are out I assume they are going to rent the place to some unsuspecting new person!

Since then we have been looking for apartments, which is a NIGHTMARE out here! We found one that we really liked. In the meantime we received a letter in writing from the landlord terminating our lease.

Today I see the Landlady again and she informs me that we owe another months Rent plus we need to give her two weeks notice so as not to "leave her hanging". Is she on Drugs?! SHE terminated the lease, not us. They are the landlords and need to take care of the toxic mold, not us. SHE informed us that we needed to vacated the premises since the place is a health hazard . Now SHE thinks we are going to pay another months Rent and give two weeks notice!

I am intensely angry about the situation. Not angry about the new place we found as it is newly renovated and closer to the PATH. We are just waiting to hear back from the Broker to make sure everything is shipshape! Cross your fingers for us!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Dana White and the UFC come to Jesrsey!

I am a Ultimate Fighting fan! Actually, both Tom and I are fans. We love to watch the reality show and tune in for all the fights. I have a slight crush on the President of the UFC, Dana White. It's not like he's really good looking, he can't even claim to have a fighters body, he's just a slightly middle aged man with really good fashion sense. The only thing I can liken this crush to is my long standing crush on Jean-Luc Picard Capitan of the Enterprise. I know it's totally weird! I think Dana is a genius who has managed to bring a little know sport out of obscurity and into the main stream. It's my opinion that Mixed Martial arts is going to over take Boxing. Who wants to watch boxing anyway? It's a totally unintelligent sport! It's not like MMA, they have it all, wrestling, submissions, martial arts, striking, the list goes on. I know a lot of people think it's a brutal sport, where "anything goes". That is simply not true, there are rules, and I think it's more civilized than boxing. If a fighter is unable to intelligently defend himself the fight gets stopped.

UFC headquarters is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rarely do the fights venture out east. Tom and I have discussed this at length and made the decision if there was ever a fight scheduled out east we would make the effort to go. I've dreamed about going to a live fight, even thought out what I would wear. I haven't come up with what my attire would be yet, as this is a crucial decision. I can't be slutty, and wear the usual "groupie" attire, of halter tops, and tube tops, so I have to come up with something just as flashy yet not slutty(in case I make it on t.v) . This is harder than it sounds...but that is so besides the point. Tom came home from Priesthood Session Saturday and announced that our long awaited dreams were about to come true! UFC was coming out east! Not only were they coming out east, they were going to be fighting in Newark, New Jersey! That's Haylie's birth city! Finally something to be proud of!

We immediately started looking for tickets. This is where it gets sad and depressing. Although tickets had just gone on sale that very morning, they no longer had any affordable tickets left. Unless you think 203.00 per ticket is affordable! The odds of getting two tickets are about the same as Tom and I buying a car. We entertained the idea of spending the money, we figured we could give up our Tom and Jenny's Days gifts to go to the fight. We went to bed that night firmly decided that we were going to go "No matter the price". The next morning dawned bright, and muggy and harsh reality set in. We knew in our hearts we weren't really going to be able to go after all. The dream is dying as I type. I think of the fights I wanted to see and a tear slides down my cheek. We haven't talked about it much since, I think we are both in denial. It's okay though, just like JSP (Saint-Pierre) will come back and beat the New York Crap attitude out of Matt "the terror" Serra, Tom and I will eventually make our dreams come true too!

P.S. I challenge you all to watch the reality show. It's on Spike T.V. and it's well worth the time. In case you were wondering Haylie is showing her disappointment that we will not attend the UFC inNewark.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Womens Confrence-Don't be fooled this is not a spiritual post.

As most of you know Saturday evening was General Womens Conference. A couple of friends and I decided to head to the stake center together to watch the broadcast. Our stake center is about 45 minutes away, or an hour and a half if you have traffic and aren't exactly sure how to get there. We were in the later group! Sadly we didn't arrive until well into conference, in fact we only saw Sis. Thomspons talk and Pres. Monson. I'm not going to lie and say how sad I am that I missed most of the conference, because my main reason for going was all about "sisterhood", and the fact that we had decided to go to dinner following the conference. I use to go out to dinner with my Mom and sisters after Women's conference and I've really missed the tradition since moving away. Luckily all of my friends were more than willing to humor me. In reality, I was looking forward to dinner more than the actual speakers.

As previously stated the broadcast was in a different city than our own. We didn't really know our way around town, except that just around the corner from the stake center massive mansions had been discovered. Mansions that put all other homes that we once thought to be large to shame! At least according to Addy, as she is the one who inadvertently discovered the homes while lost trying to find the stake center for stake conference. This is important for the story I am telling. Remember that we live in New Jersey, and New Jersey is head quarters for the Mafia as all those who watch "Sapranos" already know. It's been rumored that the Mafia is alive and well in New Jersey, particularly around our Stake Center. Which makes sense when you think about it, that the best and the worst of the earth would be in such close proximity to one another. In an effort to be adventurous and save time we decided to eat at a restrautn close to the stake center. We had passed an Italian restaraunt on the way home and figured it would be just as good as any place to eat, and the parking lot was full of cars. From the outside the restraunt kind of look like a "hole", but we walked in anyway. To our surprise when we made it indoors, it was kind of fancy looking. There was a live band in the corner, when I say band, I mean a key board player and a singer, and maybe someone playing a tambourine, I don't remember clearly. Two things happened when we walked in, firstly the whole restaraunt turned and looked at us in disbelief and all talking stopped. Secondly, the weird, bony, Italian speaking host made a beeline for us, and basically said he wasn't gong to seat us. I asked if the kitchen was closed for the night, and he said no but then motioned us to a table, and said "sit here, I will be back". He went into the back to ask if we could be seated, which really made no sense since the place was hopping and there were several empty tables. He came back a few minutes later after apparently receiving permission for us to stay, and asked us where we would prefer to sit. We chose a table in the corner, because by that time we felt the awkward stares of the other customers and wanted to be as far out of the way as possible. It wasn't until we were seated comfortably in our corner that we were really able to look around at the others around us. Here is what/who we saw. White linens tables clothes, candles, a bar in the back, a band, women with big, teased hair, gaudy chandelier earings, scantily clad women, large men with Italian accents, dressed in suits clasping one anther on the shoulder, and waving their large hands about. This is about the time it started dawning on us that we had walked into a Mafia Den! I'm not joking, it was obvious that we were unwelcome not only by the attitude of the other customers who kept giving us the evil eye, and by our waiter who made it very clear that he did not want to serve us. He was rude, and made snide remarks and distorted his face when we let him know we didn't drink. At one point I asked him to wrap up my leftovers, he tried to refuse by telling me that I hadn't eaten enough. One of the other girls also later asked to have her meal boxed and he told her that she needed to eat more, so she told him she had eaten plenty of hers and had even had a few bites of Addy's ravioli. "There were only three" he exclaimed about the ravioli, apparently in an effort to let us know that he thought we were pathetic. I've never had such a critical waiter in all my life. I think he found us a nuisance since I could tell he was trying to schmooze with the mafia people, probably trying to get his foot in the door for some bigger money.

We paid the bill and were walking out the door just in time to hear the beginning of a "disagreement" between two men at the bar. One yelled at the other "why don't you just leave". Addy looked back at Shannon and I and said "we should leave before the guns come out". She was just kidding, but we were in a Mafia Den and those guys can be unpredictable!

Hands down most memorable Womens Conference ever! Is it wrong to hope for something just as exciting next time? I think we need to make it a tradition, we can go somewhere less exciting next time. Maybe someplace with Karaoke? Can't you just see us in our church attire up on stage singing "Spice Girls- If you Wanna be My Lover"? Awesome!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The New ipod Nano

Tom came home from school today with a "suprise" for me. This time it was not a candle, instead he decided to buy me the new ipod nano! This is all very exciting, it's not my birthday, our anniversary, or even "Jenny's Day" (in case you are wondering, Tom and I have designated specific days of each year as Jennys/Tom days. We instigated these days because when we started dating we both felt the injustice of not having a holiday like Mothers Day or Fathers day so for the last five years we have celebrated this new holiday. These days are in addition to all other holidays. The only difference is that this is a day set aside for unadulterated celebration and gift giving for the other person. In fact, the gifts for this day are usually bigger and better than any other gifting holiday except Christmas).
This is my first ipod. I'm way behind technology, it actually really sad. I just figured I didn't need one. I did mention that I would like one of these new ones to Tom when they were just advertising, since I did just join a gym. I'm going to start toning up and hopefully train for a 5K. I have luckily lost all of the baby weight, but feel like I need something fun to work towards! Way to go Tom for being so incredibly thoughtful and generous! In case you were all wondering, he is like this pretty much all of the time. There isn't anything he won't give me, including the Seven Maternity jeans he said I couldn't have but bought me anyway. He is really great!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haylie is really into everything these days. She is able to get around really well now so she pretty much can get whatever she wants, including Tom's phone, or T.V. remote if left on the ground. Incidentally, Tom's phone broke this last week. He took it in to get fixed. When he arrived later that day to pick up his phone guess what the tech told him? He said that the reason it wasn't working properly was because of water damage! What he meant was "drool damage". Haylie drools alot since she is teething (third tooth broke through a couple of days ago), and she loves electronics, they are her favorite things to chew, and she must have managed to chew and drool on his phone a little too often. Tom actually told me that he knows Haylie is his daughter ( as if she doesn't look exactly like him!) because she loves cables and remote controls as much as he does. This is a true statement. When we first were married it seemed like every other day Tom was buying a different cable for something! It was ridiculous, so of course I teased him mercilessly about his "cables addiction". Almost as much as I tease him when he tells me he has bought me a surprise. Without fail his surprise is always a candle from Anthropologie. It's become something of a joke in our home. I'm not complaining though, I'll take a candle from Anthropologie any day of the week, they smell divine!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"Do you Mind?"

Tom and I are geeks. Sunday afternoon, just several hours before our plane is scheduled to take off, we decided that we no longer wanted to fly. No, we wanted to drive.
Since we don't own a car, this idea was something of a long shot. It meant we actually had to buy a car to make the drive. One would think that may have deterred us from the idea. You would be wrong. We decided to go to the dealership and find a car that very second. We were very specific in which vehicle we wanted. Either a Honda Element, a Scion (I don't know which model, but the one the looks boxy), or a Toyota Yarius. Turns out we couldn't afford any of the vehicles we insisted we had to have, unless we didn't want to eat on a regular basis. As you can imagine, we ended up on our flight after all.
Every few months we go through this. We think we can't live another day without a car. So we get really excited and start looking, only to be smacked in the face by reality. After spending our last precious Arizona hours looking for a car, that we didn't end up buying Tom and I started to praise the freedom of not owning a car. This is a typical Tom/Jenny cycle. We claim we need a car, we get excited thinking about all of things we can do if we have a car (roadtrips, going to church, grocery shopping at the nice store, etc), We go to a dealership, look at a few cars, do the math, realize we can't afford a car, walk back home, talk the whole way home about how we "didn't really want a car anyway". The "we didn't really want a car anyway" phase last the longest. After we realize we can't afford a car, we feel kind of sad but are able to be buoyed up after the pep talk we give each other by telling each other all of the things we can either do or get if we don't get a car. So by the time we walk home we don't feel bad at all because each of us is thinking about what we are going to buy with the money we didn't spend.
Now that we are back, it's nice to be in our own house. However, I did have a rude awakening upon our return. I had to go to Manhattan to get some things for Haylie. I took the subway. Usually the subway is crowded, and you end up holding on to a poll, with several other people. It's normal, you get use to touching and being touched by people you normally wouldn't associate with. So I'm on my way back from Whole Foods, with two very full/heavy bags. I get on to the train, and it's quite full, so I weave my way over to a semi uncrowded area and get comfortable, standing up with one hand gripping the poll and a grocery bag. The other bag is cloth and I managed to sling it over my shoulder along with my purse. I'm standing there minding my own business when I see a woman giving me dirty looks. I glance over at her and notice that one of my bags is every so slightly touching her. She turns to me (she is wearing all black, and sunglasses, almost a little bit like that girl from Matrix) and in a bitchy voice says "Do you mind?". What?! Do I mind? I should have lashed back with some witty retort, but I was tired from the long flight, so I just shifted the bag away from her. But the whole time I was angry, thinking of what I should have said! Who the heck was she, if you can't handle being touched accidentally on the train, maybe she should have splurged for a taxi, or hired a car service. Do I mind, heck yes I mind!

Monday, August 27, 2007


I know I shouldn't have a "favorite" niece, but I have to admit that I do. I think my niece Mallory is the funnest little girl ever! Before I had my baby I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like my baby as much as I like Mally. The good news is that I do love my baby just as much (let's be honest, I love her more!), but I still get a kick out of the things Mallory says and does. Mall is the sassiest girl I know, and it makes me laugh so hard. For instance...the other day I went over to her house to help decorate her bedroom. She was suppose to be cleaning it up when I got there, but wasn't doing a thing. Finally my sister had enough of her dallying so she was a bit sharp with her and told her to hurry up or she was going to get a punishment. So Mallory gets all huffy and turns to her Mom with tears in her eyes and angrily states "Stop saying that! You are going to hurt my feelings!"
I also enjoy all of my sisters. I think my sister Kenzie is pretty funny (she doesn't try to be funny, she just is). She is next to me with the short hair, pink shirt. A few years ago she had a big poster hanging on her wall. It was a giant kitten stepping over the New York skyline (Godzilla style). The caption said "Bright Lights, Big Kitty". I would always mock the poster by telling Kenz how much I liked it and how great it was. One day I came home from work and found the poster rolled up and tossed onto my bed. I went in and asked Kenzie why it was in my room. Her reason? "Well, I think I'm too old for that poster now..but I knew how much you liked it!" I laughed so hard, and then hung it on my wall in honor of her. Just to specify, Kenzie is not my favorite sister, I don't have a favorite. I love them all equally...most of the time.

Monday, August 20, 2007

This is going to be a great week! Tom gets to town later this week, and I can hardly wait. It's been too long since I have seen him, and although talking on the phone is great it's not nearly as fun as being together in person.
I know he is excited to see Haylie. She has changed so much in the last month or so since we have been away from him. She is rolling everywhere. She got caught under one of my parents couches the other day and was upset because she could roll back out. It was so funny, for me, not for her, she was crying.
Sometimes I feel like a really mean person. Case in point. Last week in my parents ward I ran into a guy from my mission. We started talking and he gave me the best mission gossip I've heard in a long time. So what did I do? I didn't even consider keeping it to myself, I called one of my best friends (ex-comp) and told her all about it. The entire time I kept picturing the, New Era, "Mormonad". You know the one with the two pairs of hands, one pair is filled with black oil and it's being spread to the other pair of clean hands! That's me, the one with the real greasy, black hands, it's all over me, my clothes, my carpet, and yet I can't keep from spreading it! Just as a small disclaimer, I don't Always gossip, I can keep a secret if I am instructed to! I promise.

Monday, August 6, 2007


The reason for this blog is two-fold...1. To brag about Haylie's two teeth. That's right, two! She actually cut the first one when she was 3 1/2 months! (if you enlarge the picture in her carrier you get a clear shot of her two little teeth) 2. To show off her cute bathing suit that she will only get to wear a couple of times before she grows out of it!
My sister and I decided to take the kids swimming today. It was lots of fun. Before we left for the pool I was excited to get a tan. Apparantly I forgot that I'm a Mom now and that doesn't leave time for me to lay out on a beach chair and soak up the sun! We had to stay in the shade the whole time. As you can see the babies skin is extremly fair, and Tom made me promise that she would not be in the sun for longer than 10 min. at a time. So, no tanning for H either! She was sad, she thinks she looks so much slimmer with a tan!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Time

I know everyone has been on pins and needles wondering what the Wilson's are up to these days. What in the world could we be doing that has not allowed a Blog Post in weeks!
Baby H and I are currently visiting family in Arizona. Tom, the studious guy that he is, is still out east studing for his Dental Board exam. He takes that in August and will then come join us here.
It's been fun seeing family and friends. Tom's side of the family is crazy for Haylie. My side on the other hand didn't blink an eye when I walked in the door. I have to beg my sisters to hold her while I shower! It's so funny...I guess that's what happens when they have a bunch of little babies around. We just aren't a novelty!
I was hoping that we'd get a little love from "Eric, the Cat", but he has been staying away from Haylie's little hands. It's sad...I had such visions of "Eric the Cat", and "Bandit" running to greet us when we pulled up, but that was probably expecting too much from cat's. Sometimes I wonder if the even know their names let alone who I am. In their defense, I haven't been home in a year, so they have most likley forgotten that I exist. That said, I've told Tom he is getting a Cat for his birthday! Tom didn't act excited. He's not a "cat lover" as my little sister Kenzie lovingly calls herself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Four Jobs I've Had

1.RockFord Fosgate-Car Audio company (it inspired me to want to be a 'car audio model')
2. American Musical Salutes-High School band, choir competition sales and tours
3. Pinnacle Charter High School- Teacher (the worst one in history)
4.Salon Amore'-Aesthetician

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over

1.Keeping the Faith
2. Drowining Mona
3.Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
4.Bring it On!

Four Places I have Lived

2.Provo, Utah
3.Manhattan, New York
4.New Jersey

Four TV Shows I Watch

1.Prison Break
2.Real World/Road Rules Challenge
3.The Office
4.Real Housewives of the O.C.

Four Places I have Been on Vacation

2.Cooperstown, New York (the birth place of baseball-for our first year anniversary!)
4.England. London and a few other English Towns

Four of my Favorite Foods

1.Sushi! I could eat it everyday, I use to when I worked in Manhattan and my company paid for my lunch everyday.
2.Chips and Homemade Salsa!!!!!
3.Baked goods! Cakes, cookies, brownies...if it's baked I will eat it! Anything from "Sweetcakes".
4.Ethiopian Food

Four Websites I Visit

4.Blogs of friends and family

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

1.Arizona with my family
2.Our old apartment on Park Ave. Manhattan (I was high class for a while)
3.A tropical island
4.The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie

People I'm Tagging! -If you read my blog, consider yourself tagged!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Balding Baby!

I just ordered and received the cutest little bows for Haylie's hair. I bought the "alligator" clips because she had plenty of hair to hold them in place. What do you know, just days before I actually get the bows her hairs starts falling out! I know I shouldn't be so upset about this, but sadly I was really proud of her hair. True, it was vanity, but I did just read an article in "Mens Health" stating that vanity can be a good thing! You can see the bald spot in the picture! So sad!

Here is my question...does anyone have any experience with their babies hair falling out (none of my nieces or nephews had this problem, they were bald to begin with)? When does it grow back?

I put one cute picture of her to remind people that she is adorable despite the recent hair loss events! I don't think she knows her hair is such a wreck, and I'm not going to tell her. I don't need two upset people in the family!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Shenanigans! I call Shenanigans!"

Yesterday, before Tom left for class, I asked him if he would be able leave a little early to go by the post office. He said there was "no way I can miss Pharmacology". I understood that it was an important class so decided I would just go to the post office myself.

A little bit later that morning, while I was getting ready I got a phone call from Tom asking if I wanted to go to Six Flags-Great Adventure that very afternoon. "What about Pharmacology?" I asked. "It's just a lecture, I can miss it" he said. Interesting how just hours before he claimed he couldn't miss it, and now just two hours later he was singing a different tune!

A couple of hours later we were at Six Flags. We had so much fun! Tom and I were both able to go on several rides, not together of course, but with the other couple we went with. Naomi and I started out with a tame ride, Skull Mountain, and then went on to the scarier ones, like "Nitro". I thought I was going to die on that ride because I was positive my lap harness wasn't clicked in place right. Luckily it was secure enough to keep me in, but not tight enough to keep me from floating up out of my seat every time we went in a loop. I'm paranoid about roller coasters, I always think I'm not harnessed in correctly. I shake my harness, it's loose, so I always turn to the person next to me, and ask if theirs is loose too. Theirs never is, and I'm left to wonder if I'm going to make it to the end of the Batman ride! It makes the ride even more thrilling!

Haylie had a good time too! She was so well behaved the whole time. She loved looking around and seeing all the people and the scenery. She didn't cry at all until we were back in the car on the way home.

Tom is addicted to the arcade games at amusement parks and always ends up spending more than he should in an effort to win some lame prize. One year he spend 15 dollars trying to win a stuffed animal for me, that I didn't want, and had to end up carrying all over the park! This time he was convinced he could win an X box 360. When he didn't win after several tries and several bucks, he decided it couldn't be done and called "shenanigans". He didn't just say "shenanigans", he yelled it at the guy running the both! After that disappointing loss he decided to try his luck at winning a guitar. All he had to do was knock three blocks off of a table. He threw the ball so hard that it missed the table completely and bounced back over the counter and hit some other game player. The other gamer didn't look too pleased. Tom told the booth runner that since it bounced back he got another try, the booth runner didn't go for that and asked for the ball back anyway. He pretty much destroyed Tom's dreams of winning anything that night. I had to get him away from the arcade area pretty quick after that, or I knew he would try another game, and either loose or spend a lot of cash to win.

At the end of the day we both decided that six flags "Great Adventure" was just as good as "Magic Mountain" and maybe even a little less trashy! Way to go New Jersey!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Book Club

Last night Haylie and I took a trip into the city to attend my Book Club meeting. I strapped her into her little carrier and away we went. It was so hot and humid outside, especially with our bodies so close together, but she was a trooper and didn't cry much as long as she was able to look around and see the sites.
We were reading the book 'Professor and the Madman'. The book is about the writing of the Oxford English Dictionary. What little (87 pages) I did read, I enjoyed. The great thing about book club isn't the books that we read, though I do love the reading part too, it's the wonderful friends I have there. I honestly love my book club friends. They are the greatest group of girls ever! I learn so much from them. When I had Haylie they all came out to Jersey. When they showed up they had not only dinner for that night, but for several nights afterwards. I don't know what other people on the subway thought seeing a group of girls carrying an entire crock pot and other dishes, but I was so grateful for their thoughtfulness! It's always nice to have meals brought in, but I felt like what they did was going the extra mile. Who wants to walk a mile carrying a crock pot?
Last night we had to leave the meeting a little earlier than I would have liked, but Haylie decided she wasn't going to calm down and go to sleep until I got her back to her own place. Even though I was only their for a little while (with Haylie crying no less) it was so much fun to see everyone and catch up a little. Can't wait for the next meeting!

P.S. Obviously these pictures are outdated, as I am not longer pregnant and neither are Dawnell and Alicia (they both have cute little boys!).

Monday, June 18, 2007

Designer Jeans or Designer Formula?

I love this picture! If you look closely you can see that her hair is plastered to her head with sweat! We had just walked home from the Pharmacy. We have the pleasure of purchasing designer baby formula. At least that's what I'm going to call it because it is so expensive. When I say expensive I mean like 50 bucks a can (that last about two days). Yes indeed feeding Haylie costs more than my designer jeans!
You know it serves me right that I have to feed my baby formula! I remember at a fireside when I was in YW. A story was told (about the importance of tithing) about a young married couple at BYU. As many young marrieds are they were quite poor. They had just had their first baby. So the story the end of the month the couple had no money...they could either pay their tithing or they could buy formula for their baby. Being the self righteous 15 year old I was, I turned to my friend and cynically said "haven't they ever heard of breastmilk?". I didn't feel any sympathy for this young couple at all! Because they paid their tithing everything worked out...which is great for them..however I am now forced to be a bit more humble and recognize that things don't always work out as planned and sometimes you HAVE to buy that formula! I was pretty sure I was going to have an ugly baby as well, because I've made fun of so many other babies that I thought were homely. Luckily God didn't stick it to me with that far Haylie is cute (at least I think so, who knows what people say behind my back)!
Moral of this story is don't judge or maybe don't be such a know-it-all 15 year old.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy First Father's Day!

At three months old Haylie adores Tom! Tonight when I was trying to get her to bed Tom came in to get her into her pjs. He does this every night that he can. He has an entire ritual that he does, he sings her the "Pajama Time" song, and plays with her for a few minutes. She is always so excited when he does this. It doesn't matter if she was screaming her head off, as soon as Tom says "what time is it Haylie? Is it..pajama time?" she instantly stops crying and starts to wiggle around smiling. It is the cutest thing! Anyway tonight when I was putting her down he came into get her ready and then gave her to me to feed her, but as soon as Tom said good night and walked out of her line of vision she started to bawl! I couldn't calm her down! Finally Tom had to go in and finish feeding her. That makes me so happy, because even though Tom can't be home at night very often he still spends all the time he can with her! He is a great Dad/Husband. For my birthday tomorrow he told me he would babysit Haylie and I could go out on a small shopping spree. He gave me a budget, and of course I went over but he didn't even get mad. In reality how could he, he knew Haylie and I had bought him so great Father's Day gifts, like the Randolf Concord Aviator sunglasses, the same ones worn by Jack Bauer in 24!
I'd also want to give a shout out to My Dad for being such a great guy. You know he use to drive three hours up to girls camp every year when I was in young womens to bring me home early because I would get homesick! He did things like that all the time without complaining. And even though I write this blog I know Tom would like me to mention his Dad. Tom tells me all the time how much he admires his Dad, and how he hopes to be the kind of man he is.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blessing Day and Fast Sunday

I wanted to bless Haylie back home in Arizona. Tom said no. I did my best to convince him that it would be best because all of our family (at least those that aren't in the war or on missions) could be there. Still Tom said no. He said we needed to do it here so it would "bond" us to the ward. I said that was crap, but gave in anyway.
It ended up being really nice. All of our friends from Dental school stood in the circle, along with a few other friends we have made along the way. Tom did a great job, and oddly enough I do feel a little bit more of a bond with the ward! Don't tell Tom!
Since we blessed Haylie today that must mean it was fast Sunday. These are the best Sundays in Jersey City 2nd Ward ever! I've told you stories before, and I have one more today. I didn't actually get to hear this testimony, but my friend filled me in afterward. One of the members got up, he is a very old man, his accent is so incredibly thick that I can rarely understand anything he says. Luckily someone did and reported...He said he prayed to know if Hurricane Katrina was a result of the wickedness of New Orleans. He received the answer that it was not because of their wickedness but because of Global Warming and Gas Emissions! Now, maybe that is true, and I'm not saying he couldn't have received that answer, all I'm saying is that I don't know if it should have been included in his testimony. Once again, glad that he did include it, and hope we get alot more of where that came from next meeting!

P.S. Toms garden is growing. We have little green sprouts coming up all over the place. Tom told me today that we should have a "Wilson Harvest". I said I thought that was a great idea, and just like the Pilgrams we should invite our friends to join in the bounteous harvest with a dinner.
So if you live in the New Jersey/NYC area and are a friend, look forward to one heck of a party come harvest season!

Monday, May 28, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Tom planted his garden. Guess what he decided to plant? Keep in mind that our "garden" is just five smallish pots outside our door....did anyone guess Cantaloupe? that's right, in a few weeks we will have delicious Cantaloupe. I don't think the pot is big enough to hold such fruit, but Tom wanted to see what would happen. It's his garden so he can plant whatever he wants.. the funniest thing about this is (he is also planting squash, and green beans) he is planting two pots of flowers to place in front of the fruits and vegetables. Want to know why the flowers are going in front? Tom said it was so "grazers wouldn't be tempted to come eat our vegetables". Are you laughing as hard as I am? I think I'm kind of crying I'm laughing so hard, I just asked him again "Tom, why are you planting the flowers in front?" and that was his reply. He already told me at Target but I wanted to hear him say it again, and trust me, it was even funnier the second time. I don't think we have to worry about anyone being tempted by our garden. Okay, he was just telling me that I'm going to be sorry I made fun of him when he is sitting here eating his "delicious cantaloupe". Then I asked him if he was serious about planting the flowers to dissuade vagrants. "not vagrants", he said, "grazers". What do you mean by grazers, I asked..."raccoons, mice..". Should I tell him I don't think the flowers are going to throw them off?

P.S. The flowers are in the round pots, and the summer squash, green beans, and cantaloupe are in the square pots!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sour Patch Kids vs. the Rat

My sister Tammie just told me a story about her little boy Garrett. Tonight at dinner she promised him ice cream if he finished his dinner of fish and potato slices. She left the room, he came and found her telling her that he had finished. On her way into the kitchen she looked in trash and sure enough, there were the potato slices, dumbed in the trash! She told him he couldn't have ice cream because of what he had done. She left the room again, while she was out he fished out the potatoe slices and ate them! Tammie figured if he was that desprate to eat out of the trash he deserved the ice cream...Anyway, it reminded me of a Tom story..
Awhile back Tom and I decided to go to the movies, it was the one about the video game coming to life and killing people. Not as bad as it sounded. We always get treats for the movies and this particular night Tom got a bag of sour patch kids. I had a kitkat. Half way through the movie I saw movement on the floor out of the corner of my eye. I thought maybe it was a wrapper or something, upon closer inspection I realized it was a rat! It was far enough away that I wasn't really concerned. Awhile later that stupid rat came right up to my feet and started sniffing around. I was disgusted and kicked it away! During this time Tom was eating his candy, one of them feel on the floor. He left it there since he had plenty left in the bag. He finished the rest of his candy and sadly decided that he wanted the one that feel on the floor badly enough to pick it up and eat it! It's gross enough to eat something off a regular floor, but a movie theater in New York floor is even more disgusting! I had no idea he had done this, so after the movie we were walking home and I told him how I had seen the rat running around our feet. He got this horrified look on his face and then told me that he had picked up his sour patch kid off the floor (it had been there for awhile so the ten second rule doesn't even come close to applying!) and ate it! I started laughing so hard, and of course made fun of him..he just wanted to gag! I think you do need to have a certain amount of respect for a person who wants something as insignificant as a piece of candy bad enough to eat it off a rat floor!

Bedtime Haylie

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I've been Tagged! 8 Random facts about Me

I have finally gotten around to doing this since Tammie passed the tag onto me.

1. I am secretly obsessed with the Bravo T.V. Show "The Real Houswives of the O.C.". I can't help it, I love to watch and judge them. It makes me feel like my life isn't so bad. It's like watch a train wreck in slow motion, you know they are going to ruin their lives but they just can't stop! I love it!
2. I sucked my thumb until I was in the third grade! I'm so ashamed :)!
3. I tried out for cheer four times! I managed to talk my college roomates into trying out! It was so embarassing, but I heard you got a full ride scholarship if you were on the team, and it was worth a shot. That was embarassing, but even more embarassing was when I tried out for the J.V. team in High School. We were suppose to have a tumbling rountine, including back handsprings, flips, etc...only I didn't do any of that (I was counting on my good looks getting me through), So when it was my turn to do my tumbing routine, I ran down the 30 yards of mat doing cartwheels, and not very good ones at that! I'm humiliated all over again just writing about it...funny how that didn't stop me from trying out in college. I'm so lame!
4. I think Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Starship enterprise is so sexy, I always have, ever since I was young. I think it's how powerful he is, the whole universe is at his disposal!
5. I lie, when it suits my needs....not bad lies..just little white lies. Sometimes it's just easier to tell a little lie than it is to explain why I did what I did..No, I didn't eat all 12 cinnamon rolls, I took some to a friend! Really, I did eat them all, but just didn't want to look like a selfish glutton! I made the aforementioned rolls this week and ate all but two while tom was at school. I knew he would ask where they all went when he got home so I was all prepared to tell him that I wrapped up half and took them to a friend, but I knew Tom would catch me in that lie (he is really good at knowing when I'm not telling the truth) so I told him that I ate them.
6. I hate my elbows and knees. I have some sort of genetic elbow/knee fat. At family gathering my girl cousins and I greet one another and then immediatly start discussing how our elbow/knee fat is. Doesn't matter how thin I am, I still have that blasted fat.
7. I love word games, not crossword puzzles or anything (I detest puzzles), but games like Scrabblle, Boggle, Bolderdash (I like that cause you get points for good lies). My brother Tyler came to visit us in New York for Christmas. He had never played Boggle, or scrabble before,but we made him play with us (it was snowing outside), he totally sucked and I kept laughing at how slow he that mean? Tom and I are really competitive about Scrabble. The rule is that the scrabble winner has to pick up the game (usually off of the floor) because the loser is usually too upset and angry about losing and swipes all of the pieces onto the floor! What's wrong with us that we care that much about scrabble?
8. Some of my all time favorite books ever are the "BSC". Don't tell me you don't know what that stands for! You know it, "The Baby-sitters Club"! It takes on a whole new meaning now that I have a child and no one to babysit. I use to want to be a part of that club, now I would give anything to be able to call one number, three days a week at an appointed time, and reach seven responsible babysitters! That Kristy was a genius!

Now I' am suppose to tag some other are the rules. You need to list eight random facts, or habits, and then four other people, leave them a message and direct them to your blog for the rules....I'm so sorry for what I'm about to do..but Tag! You're it!

I don't know who to tag....Reilly? Do a girl a favor?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

All Smiles

Haylie was all smiles on Mothers Day

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Then and Now

I was thinking today how life changing this last year has been. Last year at this time we had just moved into our Park Ave. Manhattan apartment (doorman included). I had just started working at Yves Saint Laurent (and subsequently quit two weeks later). We were taking long walks in Central Park, and exploring the city. I was getting use to married life, and the subways, and Tom was getting use to a very homesick wife! He offered to buy me a cat (like any old cat could replace the beloved/hated "Eric the Cat") to make me feel a little less lonely.

Now we are living in "Dirty Jersey", in a basement, ant infested "Mouse House" (we've caught and killed seven mice so far, Tom cuts off their heads with scissors). Instead of two we are three. We are bumming rides off friends to Costco, and figuring out which stroller will handle Jersey city potholes the best. Tom refuses to buy me a cat, even though it might help with the mouse problem. Ah, what a difference a year makes!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

After Bath

So how cute is my baby? She loves getting a bath and will cry when I take her out, but today she was all smiles.

Monday, May 7, 2007


For all of you that wondered what her hair looks like when shaped into a mohawk, wonder no more. You can also see it in the picture with her and Tom, it's so long that it reaches his cheeks!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Did she just say "Panties?"

I wish all of you could have the chance to come visit us out East and attend our ward! It is the best, not in the "we are such a loving, welcoming ward and are so righteous" kind of way, but in a "Did I really just see that happen", kind of way..which I admit at times I prefer.

Today was my first Sunday back after having Haylie, and I was quite excited to come back for Fast and Testimony meeting because we have a few regulars who tend to say and do the most inappropriate things during there testimony time. The Bishop (bless his heart) has actually had to stand up, put his arm around a member and tell them they should probably stop talking! I just have to tell you all a few of the great things that were said today. One lady got up and started telling us about how she woke up last night at 2:34, and didn't remember that it was fast sunday and started eating bananas and then her son came out and reminded her and she felt horrible, but the best part of her testimony was when she told us about how her little granddaughter woke up and she found her leaning over her bed, and she had thrown up. So the lady told her she wasn't suprised since she had "drunk lots of juices and cakes", and then she used the word "panties", and told how she had to wash them out and hang them in the bathroom to dry! In your whole life, have you ever heard the word "panties" from the pulpit? I didnt think so! I was dying and had to keep my head down so no one could see me laughing. Another man got up and started talking about how a guy at work asked him about the church so he challenged him to follow the book of mormon for a year, and he would have a better life. Good advice, right? He went on to say that his life is better since he joined the church and even if it isn't true, it isn't hurting any to live this way "even though I've had more cups of coffee this month than before I was baptized". I don't think any of us needed to hear that, but I was secretly glad he shared!

I'm in the ward choir. I know, not my usual gig, but it's my friends calling and I go to give support, plus they always bring treats. Tom goes too, he sings with the men..and one women. The women who gave the "Panties" testimony usually stands next to him and sings...and though she sings her heart out, she is always off key (and makes Tom forget his part), and tends to sing either the wrong words (even though they are right in front of her) or pronounce them completely wrong (for instance singing the word "ask" as "axed"). This is the first time our ward has had a choir, and it is so much fun!

Dallas BBQ

Do you all like Tom's pink shirt? I made him buy it and then wear it into the city on Saturday night with some friends for dinner. We went to Dallas BBQ in Chelsea. I think people may have thought he was Gay, pushing the stroller walking with my friends husband. I should have thought a little more before making him wear that color in a part of town that is host to a 15 story high poster that reads "ARE YOU GAY?". Next time I will be a bit smarter! But don't they look cute both wearing pink?