Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's been awhile since I had any kid pictures posted. So here they are in all of their sassy glory. I can't manage to get a good picture of Huck so this one will have to suffice. I love how Haylie is showing off her "My little Pony" and her sunglasses in her picture. She LOVES that pony. Unfortunately the dog loves it too. He loves all of her ponies and has chewed off limbs on each one. I HATE the dog. But this post isn't about that awful animal, because even thinking about him makes me angry...especially today since he just chewed up an expensive shoe. It's not like the shoe was sitting in the middle of the family room, he had to make an effort to go into the closet and drag it out....he may not be with us for much longer (anyone want a retarded miniature schnauzer?)
The kids are great and growing up so fast! In July (maybe June) they will have a little brother to harass. At my 22 week ultrasound the tech told me I was having a girl. I was super excited. I gave away all of my little boy things and started buying pink. And since we live in El Paso I had to order most of the clothes for the new girl baby because all they have here is Old Navy and Gap. Turns out that they baby was measuring small so they sent me back for another ultrasound at 30 weeks. That's when I was told I was in reality having a boy! What the crap?! I was not pleased. Not because I had my heart set on a girl, but because I had been planning on a girl and now all the sudden I was having a boy! I just wasn't prepared emotionally for the change of sex. I guess it's a good thing I found out now instead of when he came out. I promptly sent back all the cute girl things I had ordered and exchanged them for the boy version. Sadly, it's just not as exciting to shop for a boy. But, that probably makes Tom happy, I'll spend less money.

A couple of weekends back one of my cousins was married. Since we are now only a few short hours from our families in AZ I thought it would be fun to go. Tom on the other hand had different ideas. He suggested that I fly out to AZ alone and have fun with my family while he stayed home with the kids. Of course I jumped at the chance to go somewhere sans children and was more than willing to leave Tom in charge while I went gallivanting off to visit family and friends. After all Tom did have that eight week vacation last summer...okay, so basic training isn't exactly a vacation but he had way too much fun with going to Sea World, and Six Flags with his "BTFF" (Basic Training Best Friend Forever) Captain Johnstun for me to think that it wasn't kind of vacation! Anyway, I flew out to AZ and had a fantastic time visiting my family. I hung out one night with my sister in law and even had time on Saturday to spend time with one of my best friends from high school before heading out to dinner with all my sisters and a soon to be new sister. I had such a good time and was so glad Tom suggested that I go alone!

The picture on the left is all of the Pear (my brothers and sisters) kids, minus Tyler who is in the military, and Tammie who is just late (as usual). The picture on the right is of all the Pear girls, including an almost Pear on the very left, Kristin, who is marrying my brother Dallin in June. Check my out in my almost eight month pregnant glory. Notice my legs are a bit orange...they are! I had to wear nylons to hide my pregnancy induced varicose veins, snazzy.