Friday, September 3, 2010

Haylie's First Day at Preschool

Haylie was becoming bored at home with me and her little brothers so this year we decided to enroll her in a preschool program. We were lucky enough to snag her a spot at a great preschool in El Paso. She gets to go to class five days a week in the mornings. So far she loves it. Her teacher, Wendy, said she jumped right in with the other kids in her class and made friends right away. I think she has already formed her own preschool gang and made herself the ring leader.
Today Huck and Wilder and I joined her at school. It is a Jewish preschool so each Friday the kids and parents and siblings are invited to observe Shabbat with the students. They light the candles and sing songs and do some dancing and have challah ( I think that's what the twisted bread is called). A good time was had by all. I could see Haylie across the gym sitting with her class, I think she looked puzzled. They don't light candles during Nursery on Sundays.

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*julie* said...

hehehe..."they don't light candles at Nursery."
Hmm, perhaps they should!
I can't believe what a big girl she is now - making her own gang and all ;)
Good Luck in preschool Haylie!